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Oral Pathology – St. Louis, MO

Experience a Comprehensive Oral Cancer Exam

Animation of teeth and bacteria The inside of a person’s mouth contains a special layer of skin (also known as the mucosa) that is very smooth and shaded coral pink. If you experience any strange alterations to this basic appearance, that could be a warning of danger to come. The most serious pathological process patients may experience is the development of oral cancer. Common signs of cancerous cells include:

  • Strange sores that bleed easily and/or fail to heal when expected
  • Lumps, crusts, or thickened areas along the oral lining
  • Chronic sore throat, a regularly hoarse voice, or constant difficulty with chewing/swallowing
  • Reddish or whitish patches of oral tissue inside the mouth

Patients should look for these suspicious symptoms on the cheeks, hard palate, lips, tongue, neck, face, and gum tissue around their teeth. Pain is NOT a common symptom, but if you experience it regularly without an obvious cause, you may still be at risk for oral cancer.

Our St. Louis oral surgeon, Dr. Moreland, strongly recommends that patients perform a monthly self-examination for oral cancer. Do not ignore any strange sores or suspicious lumps! If you have any questions or concerns, don’t hesitate to contact our oral surgery specialty office for further instruction. We can perform dedicated biopsies as needed to diagnose your condition.